Parameterizing your QueryPairs using Reusable Query Snippets and the Base API




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    Hi Martin,

    Can you also explain how and from where can we submit the script for running the API's?

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    Vinodh Sukumaran


    From the shell script,
    status=`$cli getScenarioOutcome $cliOptions $scenarioId`
    this gives the Scenario Outcome.

    Is it possible to get the Querypair outcome from the scenario executed ?

    I use the script to run Hundred's of table together. But to find the status of the querypair within the scenario , I need to check the scenario one at a time a find it which is time consuming.
    I would like to see the status of the query pair from the batch script itself. Is this possible.

    I have only one query pair inside my test suite.

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    Partap Singh

    Is there any Video tutorial for Reusable query ?

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